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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Random Thoughts 3 - Life is a 'Thought'...

Life is a 'Thought'...let's think through it!

A thought which can be momentarily long or as long as a saint meditating for whole of his life; a thought which can sustain large disruptions or disturbance as small as minor chemical interactions (miscarriage) can end a Thought before it would even start.

I recently escaped a small disruption while going from Pune to Mumbai. My friend whom I visited at Pune, got more impacted than me as he was sitting in the middle of the back seat of the Honda City Cab. Cutting it short, I heard a loud screech of tyres and the moment screech stopped, my head banged against the back of the driver seat. Our cab had bumped into an Indica Cab. :)

For me all above implies that I need to get back to my roots, which in turns means:
1. Live the Thought to the fullest before it seizes to exist
2. To enable above ensure that I continue to extract happiness/ thrill from small things happening around me

1. 'Live life king size'/ 'Living it to the fullest' doesn't mean, live with no tensions and have all the so called 'fun'.
Do as much as you can - putting fight/ struggling for career is also an attempt to live it to the fullest. There you ensure that you are trying to make the best out of whatever life is left by ensuring the best utilization of your capabilites with a fit to your interests.

2. Big things never excite me, few recent examples that thrilled me:
- On the way to Mumbai while crossing Vashi bridge a train entered the parallel rail-road bridge almost at the same time as our cab travelling at ~ 110 Km/Hr. I was unmoved for that quarter minute when train and the cab were pitted against each other head to head to cross the bridge. Racing at that high speed was thrilling. What really held me back was the fact that I was witnessing a rare event which also had a very small chance of witnessing (Scientifically expained it is a poisson process, with infinitely large no. of trials and very low probability of success in each trial)

- It was 7:00 pm and the train was about to reach at Ahmedabad in an hour or so. During the day I could afford to sleep for 7 hours out of 12 hours long journey, but had missed out on traveling at the gate of the coach. So, decided to utilize the remaining hour. It was drizzling and the fine drops felt like not so sharp needles piercing on face due to high relative wind, resultant of moving train. That coupled with the song going on ear-phone, "Yeh Dil Na Hota Bechara, Kadam Na Hote Aawara...To Khoobsoorat Koi Apna Humsafar Hota" created worth remembering moments.

- Everytime I go and visit the dumb tailor in the vicinity of my home, I am surprised by the desire to live he has (doesn't it come out as obvious by now). Each time I go to him and detail him the specifications of the repair that I want for a cloth, I find myself many folds challenged than him. Because he is what he is, I Need to learn a way to communicate to him. The worst thing is that I cannot even confirm if he got 'it' if I said 'it'.

To be continued...