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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

5 Steps System to Speed-Read

Combine or omit below steps to suit the material

1. Prepare:
- Why you reading, what's the purpose?
- what you already know?
- What you looking from the book to know? What you want from the book?

2. Preview:
- Read the Front and back cover and inside flaps, TOC, index, scan the bibliography
- Flip through the book, determine the structure of the content/ book - heading, subheading, picture, graph etc.
- Eliminate what you sure you not gonna need/ read

3. Passive Reading:
- Scanning of the book, spend few second on every page
- Look for the keywords, bold and italicized words
- Understand the writing style,: too techie, non-tech, jargon, difficult language, familiarity with content/ language

4. Active Reading:
- Read first para of each section/ chapter
- Read first line of each para and last line too if para is very long
- Mark out the useful stuff and/ or useless stuff

5. Selective Reading:
- You know why you are reading, you already have a brief idea of the structure, language and content of the material and a good understanding as well
- Read the earlier marked relevant stuff
- If needed, read the whole book, it will much faster with this system than otherwise

Overriding rule of the speed reading - "Always know why you are reading something."
The reason could be, "you are interested in such stuff", "someone recommended that to you", doesn't matter, but do have a reason

Based on the book: Speed Reading In A Week by Tina Konstant